Disbursement Accounts

The Disbursement Account tab lists the vendor accounts associated with the Contact.

If a vendor is a Taxing agency or an insurance company who may be associated with more than one borrower, it is generally preferable to give that entity its own contact account, with the vendor information entered on the Vendor Accounts tab. This will allow that single vendor account to manage all the disbursements to that entity, rather than have multiple vendor accounts set up on divergent contact representing the same company.

To include multiple payment vouchers on a single check, select Combine payable vouchers into one credit. When a check is printed for the specific vendor, all vouchers selected for that vendor will be combined into a single check instead of printing individual checks for each voucher.

To include multiple receivable vouchers on single ACH, select Combine receivable vouchers into one debit. Select Net against payables to debit the payable cash or equivalent GL account.