Installing Reports

Nortridge Software distributes reports for NLS periodically in the form of Report Packs. A report pack is included with your NLS install program and will be automatically placed into the Report Packs directory of the installation path. Subsequent report packs will be distributed through our website at

  1. To install a Report Pack, click Setup on the shortcut bar or select View > Setup menuclick File then Setup.
  2. Click to expand System (if it is not already expanded) then click Reports AutoInstall.

  3. Click Get Files.
  4. Browse to the location of the report pack file. Its location may vary depending on your working environment.
    If you have recently installed or upgraded your NLS version, then the latest report pack (as of the time of that version’s build) will be located in your “Report Packs” directory under “NLS.”
    If you have downloaded the latest report pack from our website then the report pack will be located in your browser’s designated download folder.
    ASP users on our Switch environment will need to have the report pack located in the mapped drive as configured for your remote desktop connection. See the support document on how to map local drives in RDC.

  5. Select the .nrp file and click Open. The reports will be loaded into the Auto-Installer.

  6. Click Install.

  7. Click OK to dismiss the dialog then click OK on the Setup screen.

  8. Click Yes. This completes the basic setup of NLS.