Script Recorder

This feature is designed for our own internal testing purposes and is documented here solely for those interested in testing NLS using their own data.

NLS can save snapshots of a loan and transaction entries to an external XML file for testing purposes. The XML file can then be executed at a later time to validate results.

Enabling XML Script Recorder

To enable the script recording feature, open the NORT.UDP file (located in the NLS installation folder) in a text editor and set SCRIPTRECORDER=ON.

If you do not have a NORT.UDP file, create a text file with the following content:


Save the file in the NLS installation folder (e.g. C:\Program Files (x86)\Nortridge Software\NLS\NORT.UDP).

Restart NLS for the changes to take effect.

Recording Snapshots
Keyboard Function
F7 Start/stop a new recording session.
F9 Take a snapshot of the loan and transaction.
F10 Run a recording.

Hit F7 on the keyboard to start a new XML script recording session.

In the Record New XML dialog, click and choose where to save the recording and enter a filename.


If a full path is not specified in the Filename field, the file will be saved in the same folder as the NLS.exe file.

Enter an Owner and a Description for reference and click OK.

The application icon in the window title bar will become a red square to indicate that NLS is ready to save snapshots.


Prior to NSL 5.4.4, the script recorder only worked with Contact #1. Beginning with NLS 5.4.4 this restriction has been removed.

While the recording is enabled, hitting F9 will take a snapshot of the currently selected loan to the XML file. After accruing or making changes to the loan, hitting F9 again will append the new snapshot of the loan to the same XML file.


Snapshots are not automatically recorded to the XML file. It is recorded only when the F9 key is pressed.

When finished, hit F7 to stop the recording. The red square will be replaced by the NLS icon to indicate that the recording has stopped.

Running a Recorded XML Script

To run the XML file, hit F10.

Click and select the XML file to run then click OK.

NLS will run the recorded XML script and save a log of the result as a text file.