Available in NLS 5.6 and later
Noble available in NLS 5.7

NLS can be configured to dial out phone numbers when phone numbers are double clicked in Collector Mode using the VoIP services offered by Vaspian and Noble.


Please contact Vaspian or Noble to establish an account and to make sure that your phone system is compatible with the service. Additional configuration may be required outside of NLS.

Global Setup

Go to File > Setup > System > Telephony Settings.

For Vaspian

Select Vaspian from the Vendor drop down list and enter the information provided by Vaspian.

For Noble


Support for Noble is currently disabled.

Select Noble from the Vendor drop down list and enter the URL provided by Noble.

NLS 5.7.3 and later

Select Use NLS AD User for Authentication to use the currently logged in NLS user’s fully qualified domain name instead of the user ID.


NLS 5.18 and later

Select Custom from the Vendor drop down list and enter a script to execute when a phone number is double-clicked.

The following values are available to the script:

country_code (int)
area_code (int)
local_number (int)
raw_number (int)
custom_input (string) — the string does not need to be enclosed in double quotation marks (“ “).

The data from the Change Telephony Settings’ Telephony Script Input is passed to the script and may be parsed as needed.

User Setup

Each user must configure NLS to dial out using the phone that is being used.

Go to File > Info and click Change Telephony Settings.

For Vaspian

Enter the phone's extension and PIN for the phone being used.

For Noble

Enter the TSR (Noble agent code), List ID, and Appl.

For Custom

NLS 5.18 and later

Enter the data required by the Custom script. There is a maximum limit of 100 characters. The data is encrypted.


A PIN and an extension number may be entered separated by a semicolon for the script to parse.



Telephony settings privilege to view and update can be assigned per user or group under System > Telephony Settings.