Trust Accounting

The Trust Accounting features of The Nortridge Loan System are designed to allow you, the Loan Servicer, to manage servicing of loans for multiple lenders.

Just as the loan system acts as a sub-ledger, freeing the servicer from the need to maintain a separate asset account for each and every borrower, the Trust Accounting features allow similar, parallel, functionality from the lenders. A contact is setup for each lender and this contact, instead of being attached to a loan, is attached to a disbursement account. The loans from this lender are linked to the disbursement account in such a way that the disbursement account will track the net cash balance of funds being held by the servicer on behalf of that lender.

In addition, servicing fees may be automated, and these may be charged to the lender, or netted against the monies owed to the lender prior to remittance.